Luxurious Mongolian Journeys

Mongolian Steppe

Under the Eternal Blue Sky

August 12–23, 2020
The Eternal Blue Sky
Naadam Horse Racing
Flaming Cliffs
Mongolian Iris
Genghis Khan Statue
Singing Sands
Lake Huvsgul
Enjoying the View at the Flaming Cliffs
Building a Ger
Riding Horses
Choijin Lama Temple Museum
Mongolian Wrestling
Tumen Ekh Ensemble

Experience the breathtaking variety of Mongolia’s landscapes as you travel north to south through Mongolia exploring three of the country's most iconic landscapes: Lake Huvsgul, Terelj National Park and the Gobi Desert. Hike, ride horses, walk on dunes, and explore nomadic life and culture.

  • Detailed Itinerary
    Tour Map
  • Dates
    August 12–23, 2020 (12 Days)
    All-Inclusive Prices (USD)
    Double Occupancy: $5,325
    Single Occupancy: $6,025
    All-inclusive in Mongolia.
    What's Included?
    Trip Highlights
    Gobi Desert
    Lake Huvsgul
    Terelj National Park
    Hongor Ikh Hurd Festival
    Tour Size
    3–16 Travelers
    City Accommodations
    Five-Star Blue Sky Hotel
    Countryside Accommodations
    Ger Camps