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Classic Trips and Mongolian Adventure Tours

Khoton Lake

Small Group Journeys

Genghis Khan Statue

Highlights of Mongolia

  • Aug 24–Sep 8, 2024
  • June 7–22, 2025
  • Aug 24–Sep 8, 2025

Experience the breathtaking variety of Mongolia’s landscapes. Spend time with a herding family on the steppe. Visit the UNESCO World Heritage Orkhon Valley. Relax on the shores of pristine Lake Huvsgul. Take in the dunes and canyons of the Gobi Desert.

Eagle Huntress Aisholpan

Ancient Cultures of the Altai

  • Aug 26–Sep 6, 2024
  • Sold Out

Journey to Mongolia's Altai Mountains. Stay with three herding families, including the family of Aisholpan, the world-famous Eagle Huntress, as you explore the rugged Altai frontier, while enjoying meals from one of Mongolia's leading chefs. Experience rock art, mountain lakes, snow-capped peaks and the open steppe.

Eagle Hunters at the Altai Kazakh Eagle Festival

Across the Land of Eagles & Nomads

  • September 12–25, 2024
  • September 11–24, 2025

Witness the art of hunting with trained golden eagles at the Altai Eagle Festival. Travel across three iconic landscapes: the Altai Mountains, the Gobi Desert and the vast steppe. Meet nomadic families and discover Mongolia's art, history, music and beliefs.

Eagle Hunter with a Golden Eagle

Golden Eagles of the Mongol Empire

  • Sep 29–Oct 9, 2024
  • Sep 28–Oct 8, 2025

Immerse yourself in Mongolian culture. Witness the art of hunting with trained eagles at the Golden Eagle Festival, visit nomadic families, and explore the history of the Mongol Empire. Explore the rugged landscapes that Mongolians call home, and discover the art, music and beliefs they inspire.

Rashaan Khad

Into the Realm of the Khans

  • June 2–14, 2025
  • 1 of 2 Departures Available

Explore Hentii, the birthplace of Genghis Khan. Genghis Khan was shaped by Hentii’s forests, steppe and mountains, ecosystems that have nurtured nomadic culture for millennia. Discover the relationships among nomads, animals and the natural world that gave rise to history’s largest land empire.

The Eternal Blue Sky

Under the Eternal Blue Sky

  • June 22–28, 2025
  • August 3–9, 2025

Experience Mongolia as you explore two of the country's most iconic landscapes: Terelj National Park and the Gobi Desert. Hike, ride horses, and explore nomadic life and culture.

Naadam Festival Opening Ceremony

Nomadic Life and Naadam

  • July 9–21, 2025
  • June 30–July 12, 2026
  • July 9–21, 2026

Experience the Naadam Festival, a celebration of Mongolia’s nomadic heritage and the Three Manly Sports: wrestling, horse racing and archery. Meet nomadic families, explore the Gobi Desert, the Orkhon Valley, and other stunning landscapes, and discover the millennia-long story of living and migrating in harmony with nature.

Mongolian Steppe

Rhythms of Nomadic Mongolia

  • July 19–31, 2025
  • July 19–31, 2026

Explore Mongolia's rich nomadic cultures. Spend time with nomadic herders, explore nomadic traditions at two small community festivals and enjoy the beautiful mountain and steppe environments that Mongolians call home.