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Suddenly what seemed an empty landscape was peopled by millions of journeys. The hospitality and generosity and friendship offered by the Kazah and Tuvan families was wonderful. I had expected to feel an outsider but was welcomed into their lives. —Sarah Dowling, Western Australia, 2018
Traveling by four wheel drive on a no-lane freeway!! It was fantastic.… [Our tour leader] was nice, cared about our needs, and very easily adapted when the situation required. She always kept her eyes on our group and waited when the last person was walking slowly. —Ky Vu and Phuong Phan, California, 2018
I liked the visits with families. Very interesting to see old traditional couples such as the eagle hunter and his wife, and then his daughter and her family who are "modern." [Our tour leader's] knowledge of so many aspects of the country made this trip very special. —Ellen Ufberg, Pennsylvania, 2016
I enjoyed sitting outside at night seeing the stars and listening to the wonderful quiet and walking around in daylight, looking at the plants and the nearby great herds.… I have traveled a great deal … on six continents and this trip was one of the most educational and enjoyable. —Penelope Moore, Colorado, 2017
I loved every minute of the experience. A very knowledgeable and caring [tour] leader.… The Gobi driver was very good and the steppe driver was stunning — what a delightful man. Loved all the things we saw — especially the Gobi dunes and the camels. —Georgina Wigley, Western Australia, 2016
We have been telling all who will listen that Mongolia is the place to visit! The families we met in the gers were wonderful.… Thank you for making this experience so memorable … and did I mention FUN? —Michael and Helena Erlich, California, 2017
I loved the immersion in a new, fascinating and beautiful environment.… It's impossible to say enough about [the staff's] expertise, generosity and willingness to be accommodating.… I felt I got a lot for my money. —Patricia Potter, Massachusetts, 2015
Everything went wonderfully.… [Our tour leader's] enthusiasm is contagious and he was an adept problem-solver.… I am grateful we had these specific drivers as they always knew where they were going, and could drive safely over very challenging terrain. —Kellen McGee, Ohio, 2017
Just chillin' by the shore of Lake Huvsgul! Beautiful.… Really enjoyed the relaxed pace of the trip. —Robert Tocco, Wisconsin, 2013
Very organized and it seemed to hit all the highlights.… When in Mongolia for two weeks, you need to see as much as you can. We came back to camp every night tired and that is a good thing.… The restaurants' meals were delicious. The ger camp food was good. —Rich and Suzanne Nirgenau, Missouri, 2016
Generally, I was blown away by the beauty of the countryside and the warmth of the people.… [Our tour leader] found a way to satisfy our wishes, from a designer show to graffiti art … lots of laughs! —Joan Perkell, New York, 2014
Thank you, thank you! We really wanted this time be special for our family, and I am so thankful for your company in creating something unique and memorable for us! —Drew Hasson, Kuala Lumpur, 2016
Mongolia is a wonderful country that enjoys true freedom, something we have lost in our world of regulations and rules.… The teenagers really enjoyed all of it too. The guide and drivers were professional, the gers we stayed at were clean and comfortable. —Marcia Mendiguren, Virginia, 2012