Luxurious Mongolian Journeys

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Immerse yourself in Mongolian culture, nomadic life, and natural beauty with exclusive experiences offered by Blue Silk Travel.

Camel and Horse Riding

Few experiences are as iconically Mongolian as horseback and camel riding. We have options for you, whether you're an experienced rider, interested in trying a something new, just looking to for a photo-op, or most comfortable enjoying the view from the ground!

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Eagle Hunting

For centuries, ethnically Kazakh nomads have captured golden eagles at birth and trained them to hunt foxes, wolves and other animals. This tradition, centered in the Altai Mountains of Mongolia's far west, has gained worldwide attention through teenager Aisholpan, the subject of the 2016 documentary, The Eagle Huntress.

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A ger is a circular dwellings of felt wrapped around a wood lattice frame. Gers provide nomadic families with year-round mobile protection from sun, wind and cold. The ger is central to Mongolian culture; in Mongolian, ger refers not just to this dwelling, but to any home generally.

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Mongolia's vast open spaces offer world-class hiking of all lengths and levels. Lace up and hit the trail on our 2021 Mongolia tours.

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Mongolian art reflects the open spaces and independence that are hallmarks of nomadic life. Mongolian music, such as throat singing and long song, fills the emptiness of the steppe.

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Nomadic Life

Mongolia has one of the world's last nomadic cultures. Nomadic life centers around five animals: horses, cattle, camels, sheep and goats. Herders meet all of their needs with these animals: transportation, food, drink, clothing, heating and even shelter.

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Visiting Nomadic Families

All of our 2021 Mongolia tours include at least one visit with a nomadic family. You will get to know a Mongolian family and immerse yourself in Mongolia's nomadic culture. For deeper immersion, we also organize custom overnight homestays.

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