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Inspired by Mongolia's vast open spaces, nature and nomadic life

Mongolian Folk Music (Tumen Ekh Ensemble)


Mongolian Music:  Tsuurplay_arrow


All of our 2024 small group journeys include performances of Mongolian music. Eager to learn more as you prepare for your trip? Blue Silk Travel Founder and President Saranzaya Baatar travels to the Gobi Desert to talk with renowned throat singer N. Sanjaadorj and introduce traditional Mongolian music to our travelers.

In the first part of their conversation, Sanjaadorj plays the tsuur, an ancient wind instrument.

Mongolian Music:  Throat Singingplay_arrow

Throat Singing

In the second part of their conversation, Saranzaya and Sanjaadorj discuss khuumii, or throat singing, Mongolia's most iconic musical form.

Mongolian Music:  Morin Khuurplay_arrow

Morin Khuur

In the final installment, Sanjaadorj plays the morin khuur, or horse-headed fiddle. The morin khuur is Mongolia's most famous instrument, often used to accompany throat singing.