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Mongolian Steppe

Nomadic Life and Naadam

July 9–22, 2019
Naadam Wrestlers
Naadam Horse Racing
Orkhon Valley
Hiking on Sand Dunes
Inside a Ger
Mongolian Wrestling
Wild Horses
Dinosaur Bones at the Flaming Cliffs
Orkhon Valley
Naadam Opening Ceremony
Camel Riding
Nomadic Life and Naadam
Gandan Monastery
Naadam Opening Ceremony
Erdene Zuu Monastery

Experience the 2019 Naadam Festival, a celebration of Mongolia’s nomadic heritage and the Three Manly Sports: wrestling, horse racing and archery. Meet nomadic families, explore stunning natural environments and discover the millennia-long story of living and migrating in harmony with nature.

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  • July 9–22, 2019 (14 Days)
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  • 2019 Naadam Festival
  • Gobi Desert
  • Orkhon Valley
  • Ulaanbaatar
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  • 3–16 Travelers
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