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Elegance, Tradition and a Connection to the Natural World

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Ger Camps

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What is a Ger Camp?

Unwind at resorts deep in the countryside, sleeping in private gers. Always comfortable, sometimes luxurious, the ger camps on your tour are the best available ger camp in each region you visit. Blue Silk Travel carefully selects resorts with a welcoming atmosphere, friendly service, clean accommodations and excellent food.

Blue Silk Travel does not own or operate any ger camps, freeing us to make unbiased selections based only on quality.

Below, discover a few of the properties featured on our 2026 Mongolia tours.

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Out of Nowhere Geolodges

With two locations at Hugnu-Tarna National Park and the Orkhon Valley, Out of Nowhere provides elegant accommodations in stunningly beautiful natural settings. The ecolodges provide a sustainable, natural experience, with special touches such as camel wool blankets, handpainted wooden finishes, and restaurants filled with traditional nomadic cultural artifacts. In lieu of running water, the camp provides guests with twice-daily steamed hot towels and provides special hair-washing appointments. By using only candles and flashlights for lighting, these camps provide travelers with excellent stargazing opportunities.

Mongol Nomadic Cultural Heritage Center

A traveler favorite, Mongol Nomadic is not only a place to stay, but also an immersive cultural experience. The family running the resort provides a welcoming introduction to nomadic life, and actively shares nomadic traditions with visitors, teaching games, introducing traditional cooking and foods, performing music and demonstrating a variety of other cultural practices. Located in a secluded valley just off the main road between Ulaanbaatar and Hustai National Park, the camp provides 24-hour electricity, and offers deluxe gers with private, attached bathrooms.

Dream Gobi Lodge

Dream Gobi Lodge is the Gobi Desert's premier resort, surrounded by the endless open expanse of the desert near Gobi Guvansaikhan National Park. The camp is known for its dining, with two restaurants serving Mongolian and international favorites, using vegetables grown in an onsite greenhouse. A full bar serves cocktails on an outdoor veranda, providing majestic desert views. The resort offers a satellite wi-fi service and was the first in the Gobi Desert with private bathrooms in all gers.