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Mongolian Steppe

Rhythms of Nomadic Mongolia

July 19–31, 2020
Mongol Nomadic
Elsen Tasarhai Sand Dunes
Inside a Ger
Bactrian Camels
Tsam Dance by the Tumen Ekh Ensemble
Raising Horses
Nomadic Herders
Cranes Taking Flight
Inside a Ger

Explore Mongolia's rich nomadic cultures. Spend time with nomadic herders, explore nomadic traditions at two small community festivals and enjoy the beautiful mountain and steppe environments that Mongolians call home.

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    July 19–31, 2020 (13 Days)
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    Double Occupancy: $4,450 $4,150
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    Yak Festival
    Orkhon Valley
    Altai Mountains
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    3–16 Travelers
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    Five-Star Blue Sky Hotel
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    Ger Camps