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Blue Silk Travel's tours offer the best of Mongolian cuisine.

Dining in MongoliaMongolian FoodMongolian Dumplings:  Buuz

Dining in Mongolia

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Mongolian Food

Sharing meals with new friends and trying local flavors are highlights for Blue Silk Travel travelers. Mongolia's vibrant culinary scene celebrates organic meat and dairy raised by nomadic herders and organic vegetables grown on vegetable plots and small farms across Mongolia.


In the Mongolian countryside, you will enjoy the creations of ger camp chefs who combine local vegetables, varied meats and hearty grains to showcase the best of contemporary Mongolian cuisine.


At restaurants in Ulaanbaatar, you will experience the city's thriving culinary scene in which chefs infuse traditional Mongolian ingredients with international flavors.


Meals with Nomadic Families

Each of our small group journeys includes at least one meal with a nomadic family. Organic dairy products and meat, produced by nomadic families, are the highlights of traditional Mongolian food.

Vegetarian Meals

Blue Silk Travel arranges meatless meals for travelers who request them when booking tours.