Luxurious Mongolian Journeys

Terelj National Park

Ancient Cultures of the Altai

August 1–12, 2020
Eagle Huntress Aisholpan
Khoton Nuur
Nomadic Family
Oigor Valley
Petroglyphs of the Mongolian Altai
Horseback Riding
Visiting a Nomadic Family
Bar-Headed Geese
Ulgii Mosque
Horse Riding in the Altai Mountains
UNESCO World Heritage Petroglyphs of the Mongolian Altai
Oigor Valley

Journey to Mongolia's Altai Mountains. Stay with three herding families, including the family of Aisholpan, the world-famous Eagle Huntress, as you explore the rugged Altai frontier, while enjoying meals from one of Mongolia's leading chefs. Experience ancient rock art, remote mountain lakes, snow-capped peaks and the open steppe.

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  • Dates
    August 1–12, 2020 (12 Days)
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    Double Occupancy: $6,575 $6,275
    Single Occupancy: $7,050 $6,750
    All-inclusive in Mongolia.
    What's Included?
    Trip Highlights
    Family Homestays
    Altai Mountains
    Hustai National Park
    Ulaanbaatar and Ulgii
    Tour Size
    4–8 Travelers
    City Accommodations
    Five-Star Blue Sky Hotel
    Countryside Accommodations
    Homestays (3 nights)
    Ger Camp (1 night)
    Basic Hotel (2 nights)