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A 12-Day Journey Limited to Just 8 Travelers

Eagle Huntress AisholpanKhoton NuurNomadic FamilyPetroglyphs of the Mongolian AltaiHorseback RidingVisiting a Nomadic FamilyBar-Headed GeeseUlgii Mosque

Ancient Cultures of the Altai

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Journey to Mongolia's Altai Mountains. Stay with three herding families, including the family of Aisholpan, the world-famous Eagle Huntress, as you explore the rugged Altai frontier, while enjoying meals from one of Mongolia's leading chefs. Experience rock art, mountain lakes, snow-capped peaks and the open steppe.

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Exclusive 2024 Departure
  • Aug 26–Sep 6, 2024
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Detailed Itinerary

Monday, August 26Arrival

Meet your tour leader at the airport in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia's cosmopolitan capital, and settle into the iconic five-star Blue Sky Hotel, the only hotel located on Sukhbaatar Square, the city's central plaza. Enjoy a welcome dinner with your fellow travelers. (D)

Tuesday, August 27Wild Horses of the Steppe

Head west onto the central Mongolian steppe. Spend the day with two species of horse. First, ride and explore the steppe on one of Mongolia’s famed (domesticated) horses. Then, enjoy an evening excursion in Hustai National Park to see the world’s only species of wild horse. Formerly extinct from the wild, Przewalski’s horses were reintroduced to Hustai in 1992 in an international conservation triumph. Spend the evening in a ger (nomadic dwelling) at the Mongol Nomadic Ger Camp. (B,L,D)

Wednesday, August 28Ulaanbaatar

At the Mongol Nomadic Ger Camp, enjoy a demonstration of Mongolian traditions. Return to Ulaanbaatar and explore the country's history at the spectacular Chinggis Khaan Museum, newly opened in Fall 2022. (B,L,D)

Thursday, August 29The Altai Mountains

Fly from Ulaanbaatar to Ulgii, the principal town of ethnically Kazakh Mongolia. Travel deep into the heart of the Altai Mountains, and spend the night with a nomadic family who summers near Har Lake, in the shadow of snow-capped Mt. Tsengel Khairkhan. Meet your tour chef, a specialist in preparing delightful and varied cuisine for travelers in the remote countryside. (B,L,D)

Friday, August 30Twin Lakes of the Altai

Continue your journey through a rocky area filled with ancient Bronze and Iron Age burial monuments, reaching the twin lakes of Hoton and Hurgan, nestled under mountains that form the border with Xinjiang, China. Spend the first of two nights with a second nomadic family near the shore of Lake Hoton. (B,L,D)

Saturday, August 31Images of the Ancients

Explore the rocky hills of petroglyph-filled Aral Tolgoi. The images, some from the Stone Age, are part of the UNESCO World Heritage Mongolian Altai Petroglyphs. Hike through the hills enjoying rock art and stunning lake and mountain views, before returning to the family’s ger for the evening. (B,L,D)

Sunday, September 1The Eagle Huntress

For your third family homestay, spend two nights with the family of Aisholpan, the world-famous teenager who broke gender barriers by practicing the ancient Kazakh art of training and hunting with a golden eagle. Aisholpan gained international attention the acclaimed documentary The Eagle Huntress. (B,L,D)

Monday, September 2Mount Tsambagarav

Aisholpan's family's traditional summer pastures lie near beautiful Mount Tsambagarav. In the shadow of this snow-capped peak, spend a final day immersed in the world of golden eagles and nomadic life. (B,L,D)

Tuesday, September 3Frontier Town

Return to Ulgii. Visit the bustling bazaar, featuring everything needed for life in the mountains, including the area’s famed embroidery. Bid farewell to your tour chef and spend the evening back at the small hotel in town. (B,L,D)

Wednesday, September 4Ulaanbaatar

Fly back to Ulaanbaatar and enjoy an evening folk music and dance performance by the renowned Tumen Ekh Ensemble. (B,L,D)

Thursday, September 5Genghis Khan

On your last full day in Mongolia, see how contemporary Mongolia is shaping its future with an eye toward the past. After a morning visit to Gandantegchenlin Monastery, the center of Mongolian Buddhism, travel to the steppe east of Ulaanbaatar and visit the towering 131-foot tall Genghis Khan Statue, built in 2006 for the 800th anniversary of the Mongol Empire. Return to the city for your farewell dinner. (B,L,D)

Friday, September 6International Departure

Return to the airport for your flight home. (B)

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What's Included

All-Inclusive in Mongolia

Mongolian Travel Experts
Small Group Limited to 8 Travelers
Tour Leader Fluent in English and Mongolian
Experienced Drivers
All-Inclusive 12-Day Tour
Domestic Flights in Mongolia
Curated Selection of Dining and Restaurants
Best Accommodations in Each Region
Luxurious SUVs
Admission and Participation Fees
Peace of Mind
Personal Travel Planning From U.S.-Based Experts
Emergency Medical Evacuation Insurance

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Travelers in good health of all ages have enjoyed traveling with us to Mongolia. This tour has an activity level of four out of five.

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