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Environmental, cultural and economic sustainability is the heart of our tours.

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For a Vibrant Mongolia

As a female-owned company with woman-run offices in both the U.S. and Mongolia, Blue Silk Travel harnesses the power of tourism and cross-cultural exchange for Mongolia's sustainable development.

We create immersive travel experiences on a foundation of respect for the natural world, traditional culture and sustainable livelihoods.

Cultural Engagement

From sponsoring the the Altai Eagle Festival to collaborating with the trailblazing eagle huntress Aisholpan and her family, to working with traditional archers, musicians and dancers, our deep engagement with Mongolian culture provides our travelers with unique, culturally immersive experiences.

Eagle Huntress Aisholpan
Eagle Huntress Aisholpan
Festival Sponsorships
Eagle Huntress Aisholpan
Eagle Huntress Aisholpan

Environmental Responsibility

Choose a leader in protecting Mongolia's wild spaces. Ride in comfortable SUVs, which are easier on Mongolia's fragile landscape than large tour buses. Join us in reducing the use of single-use plastic water bottles. And, sleep well in the country's most comfortable ger camps, chosen in consideration of their community engagement and environmental practices.

Since understanding the natural world goes hand-in-hand with protecting it, we train expert tour leaders and engage with paleontologists seeking to understand Mongolia's rich natural history.

Ger Camps
Mongolian Ger Camp
Mongolian Ger Camp

Economic Development

Your journey to Mongolia supports the sustainable development of Mongolia. The tourism industry employs many Mongolians, both directly and indirectly, and Blue Silk Travel works primarily with Mongolian-owned accommodations hotels, ger camps, and restaurants.

We especially seek out fellow women who are entrepreneurs and managers, and we are proud to feature the creations of female craftwomen and artisans, as well as to maintain years-long partnerships with women across the country who open their families' homes and ger's to our travelers.

Family Visits
Mongolian Nomadic Life
Mongolian Nomadic Life
Traditional Crafts
Mongolian Nomadic Life
Future of Tourism

Working Together

A united tourism industry helps communities benefit from international travel. Blue Silk Travel has joined other leading travel organizations in signing the Guiding Principles for Tourism's New Future, an initiative of the Future of Tourism Coalition. We proudly follow these principles in designing and operating our tours.