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Mongolian Steppe

Sacred Dance of Naadam

July 29–August 8, 2019
Tsam Dance by the Tumen Ekh Ensemble
Naadam Horse Racing
Cranes Taking Flight
Mongolian Wrestling
Raising Horses
Enjoying the View at the Flaming Cliffs

For centuries at Mongolia's Danshig Naadam Festival, monks danced in elaborate costumes, while nomads competed in wrestling, horse racing and archery. Banned in the twentieth century, this ancient festival has been reborn. Travel to Mongolia to experience Danshig Naadam, and the places and culture that inspired it.

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    July 29–August 8, 2019 (11 Days)
    All-Inclusive Prices (USD)
    Double Occupancy: $3,950
    Single Occupancy: $4,650
    All-inclusive in Mongolia.
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    Danshig Naadam Festival
    Gobi Desert
    Orkhon Valley
    Tour Size
    3–16 Travelers
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    Five-Star Blue Sky Hotel
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